Conversations FG


Conversations FG is the title of a series of short documentaries which are being transmitted through the social media. It is a set of 17 interviews with different people from the national and international artistic scene which will be presente done by one in the following months. Each of the interviewees offers his/her thoughts about present day art with Gego’s oeuvre , her history, validity and transcendence as starting point.

This idea arose as a way of commemorating Fundación Gego’s 20th anniversary.

To carry out this Project we relied on the experience and expertise of the director of Montenegro & Lafont, with whom FG had already shared two successful experiences: Anudamientos (2004) and an antological documentary, Gego Reticulárea, in the context of Gego’s centennial (2012).

After serious conversations, Fundación and the director chose a group of people related to the artistic world through different áreas such as photography, museum management, collectionism, art registry, and marketing, among others. We think that each testimony could be of great value to construct a documentary piece to contribute to the knowledge of Gego’s oeuvre and to the effort of conservation and promotion developed by FG in these 20 years of existence.

The interviews were made through different media; some in person, others by Skype and even by phone, trying to incorporate the real and everyday circumstances of our times: geographical distance and available resources as an additional element in the series of audiovisuals.

This project, which we started very modestly, became a corpus of valuable documentary material, so we decided to share it in the form of a series of installments.


Conversaciones FG

Presented by Fundación Gego

Directed by Montenegro & Lafont

Produced by dostresochodos y Fundación Gego





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