GEGO. LINE AS OBJECT. Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leeds.

During 2013-2014 Gego’s oeuvre was shown for the first time in an individual exhibition in Germany and England. A large variety of pieces, inks and watercolors, engravings, weavings, drawings without paper and three-dimensional works of small and monumental format were exhibited in a carefully curated exhibition of Gego’s artistic trajectory.


The exhibition Gego: Line as object was the result of the joint effort of three great museums: Hamburger Kunsthalle, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, England. The curators, Brigitte Kolle and Petra Roettig, Eva Marina Froitzheim and Lisa Lefevbre respectively, designed this project with the support of Fundación Gego in Caracas. It started out on November 29th in Hamburg, continued in March in Stuttgart and ended in October 2014 in Leeds.

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