June 2015. Mundo Nenia. Gerd Leufert 1914-2014. Oficina Nº 1.

The exhibition was researched and curated by Carmen Alicia Di Pasquale, who refers to the artist in the following terms: “Leufert presents himself, more tan as an eclectic artista or a designer with artistic ambitions, as a visual thinker, someone who reflecte don his time and his life as an emigrant, from and with the image, even if this does not translate into a realistic or social discourse, but rather into the research of essential and not necessarily evident structures and forms.”


“Mundo Nenia. Gerd Leufert 1914-2014” is the result of a process of research which included, as part of the simple, all the nenias that had been published by their creator in print and events as well as those not published by him, which in turn belong to the group of those provided by designer Álvaro Sotillo from the maquette of an unpublished book and those found in the Gerd Leufert archive.


An installation conceived by Álvaro Sotillo, with 8 unpublished nenias cut out in baquelite as well as 12 photographs belonging to the series “Las Nenias de Gerd Leufert” by Ricardo Armas, was exhibited in Building 6 of Oficina #1.


In Building 9 “Archivo Nenia 2015. Una reconstrucción” was exhibited. This was made up of 162 figures drawn on digital platform under the direction of Gabriela Fontanillas and then cut out in vinyl on mdf and melamine support and marked with a corpus of some two thousand referential data.


Gerd Leufert used the name “Nenias” to identify a series of figures he started to develop as a theme in the early sixties. The conventional meaning of the term comes from music, where it refers to certain very old songs or lamentations which belonged to funerary rites. This remains as a trace of the deeply enigmatic carácter of Leufert’s visual creations.


The exhibition provided the framework for a series of encounters, conversations, concert and poetry.

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