October 2015. Gego in Dominique Lévy Gallery. New York.

The perstigious Dominique Lévy Gallery in New York presented the public with a selection of works by GEGO, curated by Jesús Fuenmayor and Sandra Antelo-Suárez.

A special publication was edited for the occasion, with texts by the curators and critics of Latin American art Sandra Antelo-Suárez and Jesús Fuenmayor and by Chus Martínez, director of the Institute of Art of the Academy of Arts and Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst) in Basel, Switzerland, and Kaira Cabañas, art critic and historian. It also includes the unpublished poem “Gego”, written by the poet and visual artist Anne Tardos.

The exhibition showed some 70 works belonging to public and private collections, lent for the occasion. It is important to point out the series Chorros (Streams), belonging to the Fundación de Museos Nacionales – Museum of Barquisimeto, which was exhibited together with other pieces from the same series in an assembly which reminded of the installation made in 1971 by the artist herself at the Betty Parson Gallery in New York. The Chorros are a series of structures made of metal rods made by Gego in 1970-71 which hang vertically from the ceiling to the ground resembling waterfalls. Pieces from other series, such as Drawings without paper, Inks, Weavings and Bichitos (Little Beasts), were also shown, coming from other prestigious collections such as Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Mercantil Collection, Cisneros- Fontanals, Fundación Gego and other private collectors.

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