Gego Anudamientos.


Video-animation of Gego’s oeuvre.

“Reticulárea (installation), 1969”. Galería de Arte Nacional, Caracas.

Produced for the exhibition: “Gego Anudamientos”, 2004. Sala Mendoza, Caracas.


Conception of the video: museographic team and Sala Mendoza.

Photographs: Gabriela Fontanillas (LabTipCCS)

Direction: Álvaro Sotillo and Gabriela Fontanillas (LabTipCCS)

Production, photographic edition and animation: Luis Montenegro Lafont

Rights on Gego’s works: Barbara and Tomás Gunz Goldschmidt

Custody of Gego’s works: Fundación Gego

Sponsorship: Sala Mendoza

Rights on reproduction and communication of the video: Sala Mendoza, Laboratorio de Tipografía de Caracas and Fundación Gego.




GEGO’s centennial


Production by Fundación Gego and BetaStudio within the celebration of Gego’s 100th birthday.

In this video its director Luis Montenegro Lafont achieved an impeccable poetic account of Reticulárea. The video was sponsored by Goethe Institut – Venezuela.